Tips and tricks to navigate global corporate selections (step by step guide)
Job application

In this article: From choosing a job to your first interview Hello! đź‘‹ This summary of my recent job selection process will explain how it concluded. Going through a series of interviews to land a job at a prestigious, globally-recognized, stock market-listed company is a significant achievement. The process was rigorous, but I was confident […]

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My first year in UBER: pros and cons of this journey

In this article: Part 1 In March 2019, I embarked on an exciting new adventure with a global company operating in over 80 countries, based in beautiful Portugal. I distinctly remember the exhilarating moment at Fiumicino Airport in Rome, during check-in, when the scales revealed that my suitcase was 10kg over the weight limit, resulting […]

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I have a Dream (Team)!

Quando prendo parte ad iniziative con un impatto emotivo così forte ho sempre bisogno del tempo necessario per assimilare bene tutto prima di poter rimettere insieme i pezzi e fare un bilancio da restituire a chi non ha avuto la mia stessa fortuna e si ritrova a leggere le mie parole. Il Dream Team, per chi non […]

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