In this article:

  • Arriving to Portugal 🇵🇹
  • My first day of work in Lisbon 💼
  • UBER IPO: May 2019 🔔
  • My first permanent contract 📝
  • The last question: go back to Italy or stay in Portugal

Part 1

In March 2019, I embarked on an exciting new adventure with a global company operating in over 80 countries, based in beautiful Portugal.

I distinctly remember the exhilarating moment at Fiumicino Airport in Rome, during check-in, when the scales revealed that my suitcase was 10kg over the weight limit, resulting in a small fee of only 40€. It was a minor setback that couldn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the incredible journey ahead!

I distinctly remember the exhilarating moment at Fiumicino Airport in Rome, during check-in, when the scales revealed that my suitcase was 10kg over the weight limit, resulting in a small fee of only 40€.

Wow! After a thrilling three-hour flight, which I now realise was packed with excitement, I was rewarded with the most breathtaking view outside my plane window during the descent to Lisbon Airport.

Chi di voi è stato a Lisbona, si ricorderà sicuramente l’atterraggio che avviene praticamente sopra i tetti delle case che si trovano nei pressi della pista d’atterragggio.

​Dopo aver studiato attentamente la mappa della metropolitana ed aver allenato la mia memoria fotografica, indispensabile in queste circostanze, è iniziata per me davvero l’avventura in Portogallo e mi sono diretto verso il centro della città (o almeno quello che per me, ad occhio, era la fermata più centrale della “Linha Vermelha”, la linea rossa che partendo dall’Aeroporto arriva fino al capolinea di S.Sebastião).

This was the first image I saw as I walked up the stairs from Saldanha metro station onto Avenida da Republica.

Do you ever experience a sense of complete uncertainty, where you look around and question, ‘Where am I?’

At that moment, I found myself in that exact circumstance.

Was it a coincidence that the first thing I chose to capture was a JUMP bike by Uber? 😉

As I had never been to Lisbon or Portugal, I decided to arrive a few days early before starting my new international work experience.

Finding suitable accommodation was also a priority, as I had not yet secured a room for the next few months. Additionally, I wanted to take some time to acclimate to the new environment.

Part 2

The training for all new Inside Sales Representatives in different markets officially began on the 1st of April 2019, despite the challenges and obstacles encountered while finding accommodation in a nearby neighbourhood.

The first day of work outfit should never be left to chance.

I consider the presentation phase to be extremely important, especially in my job where it is essential to establish a relationship with the prospect/customer and propose a product or service.

However, upon arriving at the office, I discovered that the company did not impose a dress code and everyone was allowed to dress casually.

From the first day of training, I felt like I was part of an international working environment.

In the meeting room, I sat with boys and girls from all over the world, including Belgium, Spain, Poland, Mexico, France, and of course, Italy.

From the beginning to the end of this experience, Portugal provided me with plenty of enjoyable moments. The country has a different rhythm compared to Italy (specifically Milan), and it allows one to appreciate the beauty of simplicity in a unique way.

In mid-April, the mild climate allowed for the first steps on the Atlantic Ocean shore, and some even dared to dive into the icy water.

Part 3

Aside from a brief parenthesis, from mid-April to mid-May, a series of significant events occurred.

I began closing my first commercial deals, starting with the city of Milan, then Rome, and finally Naples.

During this time, UBER went public on Wall Street, becoming one of the 15 largest listings in history.

I am unsure which of the two news pieces is more significant. However, it is a fact that Americans are enthusiastic about celebrations. As soon as the bell rings, there is a round of applause in every office worldwide, followed by shouts of joy. The party then begins with a variety of ice cream and sweets.

After the excitement subsided and we regained full strength, the following months passed quickly. Expectations were high for all teams.

Despite not being on par with the French or Spanish markets, our team faced all communicated difficulties and changes as a united front.

This brings us to the most crucial point of the article, where I discuss the topic of change within this context. The speed and agility in large and rapidly expanding companies like this is truly impressive. Processes, tactics, objectives, and resources are constantly changing to meet market needs.

Surviving within these mechanisms is not easy unless you adapt as you go along and have the flexibility to deal with the changes mentioned above.

Part four

Summer arrived in sunny Lisbon and I decided to live it to the fullest by taking advantage of the weekends to explore the most beautiful places and beaches on the coast south of the capital.

This is Praia de Galapinhos in the Setubal district.

Needless to say, I wish I was right there right now lying in the sun enjoying the beauty of unspoilt nature.

Between one discovery and another, I took a break. Since I had already experienced an early summer in Portugal, I decided to return to Italy and join the Giffoni Dream team 2019 as a tutor during my holidays.

(Italian article on LinkedIn: Dream Team 2019 come Tutor del gruppo Toyota)

After returning from Italy and spending the month of August there, I was filled with expectations for the classic return from holiday that is so dear to us Italians.

September marked the first significant milestone in my career within this company, and I was eagerly looking forward to it.

Over the next two months, there were many changes, including moving to the Avenida da Liberdade’s office, the team losing some members, team leaders returning and others leaving, and changes to the hierarchical structure and interlocutors.

It was a challenging time, with a lot of ups and downs.

Final part

Once again, I found myself in a situation of uncertainty with limited decision-making ability. Out of curiosity, I applied to join the team in Italy, specifically in Milan where I had previously lived for both study and work purposes. I consciously took the decision to apply internally for a Sales role in the Italian team, specifically in Milan where I had previously lived for both study and work purposes.

As 2019 drew to a close, a decision had to be made: continue the adventure in Portugal or start a new chapter in Italy, specifically Milan, working alongside the Uber Eats Italy team.

Now, like everyone else in Milan, I find myself in quarantine and taking a moment to reflect on this achievement that I have never taken for granted.

The future has never been as uncertain as it is now, and for the time being, I have no intention of making any promises to myself other than to maintain the hope that we will all return to normal and experience the world as I was living it before.